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Blog Posts in 2014

Preparing for the Bay Area Storm

One of the biggest storms to hit the Bay Area in the last decade is expected to dump inches of rain and blast the area with powerful winds on Thursday and Friday, the National Weather Service said. ...
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What Does it Mean to "Go to Court?"

The movies make it look exciting and scary. Lawyers wading into witnesses and reduce them to tears. Judges banging the gavel. Murmurs from a packed public. Reporters taking notes. It rarely looks like ...
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Should I Take My Insurance Company's First Settlement Offer?

I tell people, only partly in jest, that if insurance companies were fair with people, personal injury lawyers would be out of business. Instead, they insult, pressure, and often belittle the people ...
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What You Need to Know About Contingency Fee Agreements

If you are a large company, you can afford a floor of lawyers who will work round the clock for you. But how does someone living paycheck to paycheck hire a lawyer, especially if they've been ...
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SoCal Doctors Use Fake Hardware In Spinal Surgeries

Doctors throughout Southern California have been engaging in heinous medical fraud involving a piece of metal hardware: a screw designed to hold the bones of an injured persons back together so that ...
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Filing a Car Accident Insurance Claim

Contacting the Appropriate Insurance Carriers After you are injured in a car accident or another type of motor vehicle accident, you will need to take certain steps to seek compensation from the ...
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What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Each personal injury claim has different circumstances that determine how much it will be worth. The amount of compensation that an injury victim should seek will depend on various factors. Such ...
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Do You Have A Dog Bite Case?

If you were recently attacked and injured by a dog, then you may be wondering how you can get compensation from the dog's owner. Check out the answers to commonly asked questions about dog bite ...
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Proving Medical Wrongful Death

Proving that your family member died as a result of medical malpractice can be very difficult. You must be able to prove that the patient had a good chance of surviving any existing medical issues; ...
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