5 Common Signs of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home abuse or neglect is a tragedy whenever it occurs, but it can be all the more frustrating and damaging to family members when it could have been entirely prevented. Of course, without actually being by the side of your elders at all times, it is impossible to know exactly when abuse is taking place. With a careful eye, regular visits, and open communication, though, you may be able to detect some of the most common indications of nursing home neglect before it happens again.


No matter how padded or comfortable an elder’s bedding may be, it will require frequent changing, and they need to be attended to regularly to ensure they are not lying in the same position for long hours at a time. When attendants neglect this necessary duty, elders can form painful bruises and welts on their bodies, known as bedsores. As it should be relatively easy to prevent bedsores, finding any is usually a great indicator that other forms of mistreatment might be happening as well.


It is true that many elders experience a noticeable decline in appetite as they get older. However, it is up to nursing home staff to confirm that their patients are eating enough to remain healthy. Proper hydration is also essential. If your elderly loved one is complaining of thirst or hunger, dangerous nursing home neglect might be taking place.

Unexplained Injuries

If nursing home attendants are doing their jobs properly, there should be no preventable injuries taking place. Any bruises or cuts on your elder should be explainable, such as they stumbled out of bed or bumped into something, as these occurrences can and do happen. If there are wounds that are not or will not be explained by the staff, you may want to look into it further.

Depression or Fear

A healthy individual is a happy individual, regardless of their age. If your elder is showing signs of unusual depression or constant fear, they could either be malnourished or suffering from physical abuse.

Wrongful Death

Nursing homes may be the final home of many seniors across the country, but that does not mean that their passing wasn’t preventable. If your loved one has passed away in a nursing home and you feel that it was sudden or unexpected, abuse or neglect might be to blame.

If you have spotted any of these common signs of nursing home neglect, you need to take action by coming to the Walnut Creek personal injury attorneys at Fetto Law Group right away. We believe that your elders deserve the best treatment when they are entrusted to the care of a nursing home. By approaching your claim from all sides and developing a strong case on your behalf, we might not only be able to remove your elders from a potentially dangerous situation but also reward your family with financial compensation for your trauma.

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