• John, Sandy, & their amazing team took me from the possibility of getting nothing, to a settlement I never dreamed possible.
    A letter of appreciation to John and his Team, I was in a bad car accident; I was rear-ended so hard it took two tow trucks to pull the vehicles apart. I was referred to John Fetto by my healthcare professional. I was worried if I could even get compensation because I had a long history of neck and back problems. I ended up needing physical therapy, multiple Epidural Steroid Injections in my neck, and finally surgery to fuse 3 vertebrae. After going through the deposition and medical examination requested by the other side, the opposing insurance company did not want to pay anything because of my prior history. John would have none of that and he began to prepare for court. He assembled an amazing team to fight on my behalf. Kenia collected and assembled years of my medical history. Russell produced documents, coordinated zoom meetings, and created an amazing visual presentation to present in court. John, knowing I was willing to go to court, called in Sandy Cipinko, an excellent trial attorney. The two of them worked flawlessly together each handling different aspects of the case. John is a true professional. John, Sandy, and their amazing team took me from the possibility of getting nothing, to a settlement I never dreamed possible. This shows you that, even with an extensive medical history, you can still come out a winner with John and his team. I will always be grateful to them. Sincerely, Rose

    - Rose A.

  • Attorney Fetto and his staff were professional, forthright and very helpful!
    I have had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Fetto and his staff on a personal injury auto accident that had transpired several years ago. He has been professional, forthright and very helpful in attaining justice because the person who T-boned me had the same insurance company as myself. So, AAA did not wish to sue themselves and I got stuck with a lot of expense i.e. depreciation for my automobile as they did not total it, put the accident on my driving record when I had witnesses that said that it was not my fault, neck injury, etc., etc., John has been on top of everything, is compassionate and caring along with knowing the law and I trust him. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking a lawyer for personal injury as he is the best.

    - Marci K.

  • John changed our lives!
    My settlement took three years to accomplish but he did it. I fell on a sidewalk and broke my right leg fibia and tibia. He listened to my problem and decided to take care of my family right away. He researched the case found top notch experts to prove our case he paid amazing attention to the smallest detail. He worked hard nights weekends to get our case ready for court but as top notch as he got his case prepared the city state and transportation departments decided to settle the case instead of taking it to court because he had prepared it so well we ended up with a settlement large enough to support my wife and eye through our golden years thank you John A. Fetto for your great and hard work. We will never forget you. He changed our lives! thank you, John. I recommend him highly he goes the extra mile.

    - Jim P.

  • I'm thoroughly impressed by the first class professionalism of John Fetto.
    WOW... I'm thoroughly impressed by the first class professionalism of the John Fetto law group. I could not have asked for better representation in the face of an auto injury both medical and property. I was included in all aspects of the case which really meant a lot to me. Seek no further if you're looking to get results for timeliness and a maximum settlement backed up by sincerely caring professionals.

    - Kerry G.

  • John Fetto is an excellent attorney.

    John Fetto is an excellent attorney. He was referred to me by a medical professional after my car was hit in an accident where the other party ran a stop sign, totaling my car, and injuring both my husband and myself. State Farm Insurance offered to cover the bare minimum, which did nothing to cover the time, trouble, or suffering that ensued, post accident. Mr. Fetto met with my husband and me, and went over every aspect of the case, including providing great clarity on what it would take and how long it would take to get the best possible results. Throughout the time it took to go back and forth with all parties involved, Mr. Fetto used his experience, knowledge, and expertise to leave no stone unturned, to ensure we would achieve the best possible results. The results of this lawsuit were maximized far beyond my expectations. He is super competent at what he does, and personable, a truly decent human being, and an excellent personal injury attorney.

    - J P.

  • I am very grateful for Mr. Fetto's help.
    I was visiting the United States from Canada when I was hit by a car. outside SF Airport while walking inside a crosswalk. This was a terrible, stressful event. I thought I broke my ankle couldn't walk. I ended up at SF General and had no traveler's insurance or health insurance in the United States. They x-rayed my ankle, said it wasn't broken and sent me huge bills, tens of thousands of dollars for one visit. The insurance for the car that hit me wouldn't pay anything and blamed the accident on me, claiming I was outside the crosswalk. I wasn't. I was scared, terrified. I am a single mother of 10 years and the bills sent by the SF hospital would have required me to sell my home or close down my business as a denturist, max out my credit and how would I survive. It would have been an awful scary setback for my life. As I am able to just make end every month and somehow was just keep it going while raising a small child. Even though separated by thousands of miles, Mr. Fetto took on my seemingly no win case. He was very approachable and easy to talk to. I was intimidated to talk to a lawyer. I had no clue what to do. Mr. Fetto suggested they conduct an MRI of my ankle and when they did they found that the ligaments in my ankle were torn and settled for a wonderful sum that got me money besides paying off my medical bills. I am very grateful for his help in putting this awful event in my past.

    - Former Client

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